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Students playing basketball in the gymQuality Physical Education Makes a Difference

The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC) is a K–12 curriculum created by some of the best minds in kinesiology, motor development research, and instructional design.

Unlike competing products, which are heavy on physical activity but light on physical education, EPEC provides both—students engage in physical activity while learning and demonstrating competencies that are measureable and aligned with national standards.

And it is what students achieve—the skills, knowledge, and confidence that students take away from their EPEC classes—that empower and enable them to be physically active adults.

This emphasis on teaching, learning, student feedback, and data collection is what sets EPEC apart and makes it the product of choice for schools, administrators, and physical educators who want effective Physical Education.

Why is Effective Physical Education Important?

With effective Physical Education, students can:

  • Learn many ways to be physically active and make good nutrition choices
  • Master skills necessary for various sports and activities
  • Find physical activities they can enjoy now and throughout their lives
  • Set personal goals, track progress, and measure success


What Makes Physical Education Effective?

With effective Physical Education, teachers can:

  • Identify salient, measureable objectives and nutrition content
  • Align instruction, feedback, and assessments with objectives and with personalized learning strategies
  • Deliver Physical Education using the best technologies available


With EPEC, schools can:

  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum aligned with national physical education and nutrition education standards
  • Ensure instructional consistency across the K–12 PE program
  • Collect student outcome data and report progress to interested stakeholders—not only students, but also parents and the community

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