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ACES Day - May 6, 2015

Students exercising on ACES day

ACES Day is May 6!

Please direct all questions to Allie McLary at


Project ACES was created by physical education teacher Len Saunders in 1989 as a method of motivating children to exercise. The event is an international celebration of health more commonly known as All Children Exercise Simultaneously (ACES) Day. The Michigan Fitness Foundation coordinates Michigan’s ACES Day, which takes place on the first Wednesday in May as part of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month along with National Physical Education Week. During the 2013 ACES Day event, more than one thousand schools in Michigan participated in a celebration of physical fitness and health.

The celebration emphasizes physical activity among students and helps combat childhood obesity. With millions of participants worldwide, ACES Day is a global event that brings students together from all fifty states and more than fifty countries to exercise, laugh and learn. Past ways Michigan schools have observed ACES Day include walking parades around the school, dance aerobics classes to music and “field days” consisting of outdoor events. Some schools choose a theme such as “Surfin’ USA” to make the day even more fun for students and teachers alike. Schools have the freedom to make the event their own and are encouraged to get creative!

2015 ACES Day participating schools Excel documentView an Excel document listing 2015 participating schools. Updated 05-05-15

Please support Michigan Fitness Foundation, organizers of ACES in Michigan.

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What's in the Idea Kit?

Articles (of the health problem)—These pieces will help you convince parents, media and community members of the great need to promote physical activity.

Event Planning—This section includes many program and planning suggestions. Also, see ideas and responses received from previous participating schools.

Publicity and Promotion—Many tools to help you promote and publicize this event, including:

  • Additional Ideas about the Sample Invitation Letter
  • Sample Invitation Letter—Provided to make your life a little easier
  • Invitations to ACES—Look over this list to find potential guests who would add to your event
  • History/Background of ACES
  • Talking Points—Helpful if someone is going to be interviewed by the media
  • Short article for use in school newsletter
  • News Release Suggestions & Sample News Release—To be adapted for use by your school
  • Sample Thank You Letter—Also provided to make your life a little easier
  • ACES Day sample speeches
  • ACES flyer (PDF) — Let parents know what’s happening & invite them to join in on the fun


Nutrition’s Role—A healthy lifestyle includes both nutrition and physical activity. This information will provide some ideas for healthy snacks your food service staff may want to provide for ACES Day as well as some great ideas from the Team Nutrition program which can be found at For recipe ideas visit

Make ACES Last All Year— Many of you requested ideas for physical activity events that can be done at other times of the year. Here’s a collection of ideas that may help you.

  • Participate in a school-wide Walk to School/Bike to School Day event
  • Organize a field day in the fall and in the spring
  • Incorporate physical activity segments during school assemblies
  • Start a co-ed sports league and encourage all students to sign-up to participate in during recess
    • Rotate sports played every few weeks and mix up the teams
    • Encourage teachers to get involved as coaches and referees
    • Prizes for winners of each 'season,' team with the most team spirit, etc. Make every student feel like a winner!
  • Encourage teachers to implement 5-10 minutes of physical activity during class
    • Short stretch breaks
    • Ask students to stand and walk to the front of the class of the room when they have something to contribute to the classroom discussion

Additional Items

2015 Online Response Form —Please let us know how the event went and how we can make it better next year. Complete the online form or return the downloadable 2015 Response Form to the Michigan Fitness Foundation via email ( or by fax: 517-347-8145 or by mailing it to P.O. Box 27187, Lansing, MI 48909.

Legislative Letter Template

Legislator Thank You Template

If you have any questions, please call The Governor’s Council office at 800-434-8642 or email

Farm Bureau Insurance

ACES Day events in Michigan are made possible through the generous support of Farm Bureau Insurance.

This is the fifth year we’ve offered Farm Bureau Insurance agents the opportunity to directly sponsor an ACES event in their area. Agents can visit the school they sponsor and participate in the physical activity event.

For Katie Eisenberger, a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent based in Mt. Pleasant and a four-year participant of ACES Day, the opportunity to connect with her community at a deeper level is important to her work.

“Interacting with the students and school staff is a wonderful way to really engage with the community,” says Eisenberger. “An agent can simply donate money, which is great and needed, but I like to connect with the school staff to take it to the next level.”

Eisenberger has numerous suggestions on how you as an agent can get involved. While writing and delivering a $250 check is an option, she challenges agents to work with the schools and make connections.

Ideas include:

  • Bringing in a local athlete to speak
  • Serving and have lunch with the students
  • Providing a health meal or snack for the teachers in their lounge
  • Connecting with your local Farm Bureau to provide a program that goes in and out of each classroom.
  • Scheduling a time to bring the entire school outside to do a cardio workout.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Eisenberger. “With ACES you really have the chance to work with youth, families and the community in a way that no other insurance company that I know of offers to their agents.”

The benefits she gets by getting involved, both personally and professionally, push her to participate every year.

“By getting involved I get to know people one-on-one and it’s a more fulfilling way to spend my money and my time,” says Eisenburger. “Using the connections ACES provides can show parents you’re trustworthy. Then at the time when they need life insurance or other insurance needs, you’ll be first on their minds.

To learn more or get involved, visit

2015 ACES Registration

Register now for ACES 2015 to ensure timely delivery as well as availability of ACES materials. Registered schools will receive ACES newsletters and stickers. In addition, schools will receive a certificate of participation from Governor Snyder.

Registration is now closed.


Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Registration

Registration is now closed.

Join the Michigan Fitness Foundation and a school in your community as we celebrate All Children Exercise Simultaneously Day 2014. As a local ACES sponsor, you will be recognized as a champion of health and wellness in your community. You can choose the school you want to sponsor and reap the benefits of being recognized as a local fitness hero in your community, on social media, in the paper and with your state legislators.

A list of participating schools (from previous years) can be found here. If you do not see your school listed we can reach out on your behalf to get them involved. Please email Allie McLary at

The total cost to you is $250, which includes a sign with your name as the title sponsor, local news stories and more. You have the option to be as involved in your school’s ACES program as you choose: you can visit the school to deliver the check or you can participate in the ACES Day exercise. It’s up to you!

You also have the option to decide how the school uses your donation. Please review the option menu below for ACES Day packages.

Option One – Check Presentation

The traditional ACES Day sponsorship has always included a presentation of a $250 check to the school. The school is able to determine how and where best to spend the $250 to meet their immediate needs.

Option Two – School Garden

Many schools across the state engage students through school gardens. Supporting a school garden helps educate children about where food comes from and teaches students ways to grow their own food at home. Agents are responsible for putting together and delivering a “gardening tool kit” that consisted of the following items (estimated pricing):

  • How to Grow a School Garden book (1 book - total $25)
  • Soil (2 bags at $30 each – total $60)
  • Seeds (4 packages at $4 each – total $16)
  • Plants (2 plants at $10 each – total $20)
  • Fencing (2 - 42” high by 10ft. long raised garden fencing at $30 each – total $60)
  • Shovels (2 shovels at $15 each – total $30)
  • Hoes (2 hoes at $5 each – total $10)
  • Water hose (1 – 225ft hose – total $30)

School Garden package* total = $250

* Agent is responsible for purchasing items on their own. Package should total $250.00.

Option Three – Physical Activity Promotion

Help make physical activity part of the school day by increasing the expanding the infrastructure that supports physical activity before, during and after school. Agents work directly with the Michigan Fitness Foundation to provide the following items (estimated pricing):

  • Bike Rack ($250)
  • Fire Up Your Feet incentives ($250) – this is a new friendly competition that increases the number of kids walking and biking to school. Classrooms or entire schools can complete against one another to see which one can log the most walking/biking trips to school. Your contribution would provide prize funds for a semester or a year for the school’s program.

Option Four – Physical Education Equipment and Resources

This option provides resources for the schools physical education programs. Help keep children active, and educates them about the importance of team play, physical fitness and physical safety. This option includes equipment and nutrition education lessons for use in the school’s gymnasium. Agents work directly with the Michigan Fitness Foundation to provide the following items (estimated pricing):

  • Mega Playground Easy Pack – includes 12- 8 ½” playground balls; 1- 10” playground ball; 1- 16” playground ball; 3 each- 7’, 8’ and 9’ beaded jump ropes; 1- 16’ double dutch jump rope; 6- spot markers; 12- rubber deck rings; 6- flying discs; 4- mesh bags; 6- ½ cones; 12- vinyl beanbags; 1- rubber throw down base set; 1- 20’ diameter parachute; and 1- megaphone

Mega Playground Easy Pack total = $250

Option Five – Food Service Equipment

Improving healthy food options in cafeterias is easier with efficient equipment. This option supports schools by providing funds to improve food service equipment. Agents are responsible for purchasing both or one of the following items (estimated pricing):

  • Blender ($100 - $250)
  • Food Processor ($150-$250)

Food Service Equipment* total = $250

(* MFF will assist in the purchasing of items. Package should total $250.00.)


Students in grades K-8 are invited to participate in our poster contest to celebrate ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) Day on May 6, brought to you by Farm Bureau Insurance. Students participating in Bike to School Day, brought to you by MDOT, are also invited to enter!

How to Enter:

  • On 8.5x11 inch paper, students are encouraged to get creative and interpret this year’s theme: Dinosaurs!
  • Send entries to: Katie Johnson, Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator
  • Mail: P.O. Box 27187, Lansing, MI 48909
  • Scan and send via email: (.pdf or .jpg format)

Deadline: Monday, April 6, 2015


  • 1st Prize: Bicycle, courtesy of Farm Bureau Insurance, printed poster and recognition on and
  • 2nd Prize: Bike helmet, pedometer, printed poster and recognition on and
  • 3rd Prize: Reflective SRTS clips for backpack or bike, pedometer, printed poster and recognition on and

Only entries sent on or before Monday, April 6, 2015 will be accepted. Judging will take place the week of April 13, and winners will be announced on Friday, April 17. Judging will be based on creativity, inclusion of theme and originality. Age and grade will play a factor in the judging.

Download the entry form (PDF)