Active Communities

Across the state, communities are discovering the benefits of creating an active and healthy community with the Promoting Active Communities (PAC) assessment. One community who benefited from the assessment was Waterford. Waterford used the PAC assessment process to set goals to make their community a better place for all.

 “The PAC played an instrumental role in starting the conversation to decide the next steps our community needed to take”, said Sue Camilleri, Township Clerk of Waterford.  Camilleri also credits the PAC award for “giving us a sense of pride and sometimes that’s all it takes to get people to move forward.”

Start the process today by registering and completing the Promoting Active Communities (PAC) assessment at  by July 15 to help your community grow into a place designed for movement and activity.

Any city, village or charter township is eligible to register and earn an award from the Michigan Fitness Foundation in addition to a nomination for an Active Community Governor’s Fitness Award for their role in creating a more walkable, bikeable and vibrant community.

Interested communities can contact Active Communities Coordinator, Michelle Snitgen at (517) 908-3816 or with questions or for more information.