Are You Feeling Stressed?

We all seem to live a very busy lifestyle with work, family and friends all putting demands on us at the same time.  How do you deal with that?  Here’s a great idea… How about taking a break for a half hour and taking a walk? I personally have found that when I am stressed, the best stress reduction technique I can use is going for a power walk.  Well, in reality, it is not always a power walk… I sometimes like to take a stroll around the block just to clear my head and try to work out a solution to the stressful situation.  I have found that I can think rationally while walking by myself instead of staying in the house, stewing about what I should do. I will sometimes even take a small note pad and pencil with me so that I can quickly jot down ideas I have thought about while on my walk.  My husband, who was an administrator in the Okemos school system, used to mention that he enjoyed taking students who were sent to his office for disciplinary action on a short walk around the outside of the school building. This was a refreshing alternative to trying to deal with the problem face to face across his office desk. It made the situation less stressful and they both came back into the school feeling so much more relaxed then when they left.  They were usually able to figure out a solution to the problem that brought the student to his office in the first place.

So next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, try taking a walk.  I think you’ll find that you’ll return from your walk feeling so much better, and you may even come up with a solution for your troubling situation.

Written by Joan Barch, 2016 Fitness Ambassador