Assessment Rubrics

Assessment provides you with information on how well students are mastering the content taught and whether students are progressing through the steps in the Teaching/Learning Progression by achieving grade-level benchmarks. To this end, Assessment Rubrics are provided for each TLP step. A school district may require either a four-point or a five-point rubric score; therefore, a scoring option is provided for both (see Figure 4). On the back page of each assessment rubric is a recording sheet with space to record results for up to 30 students on both a pretest and a posttest. You may make as many copies of the recording sheet as needed for your own classes. Directions for recording the assessment results are printed directly on the assessment rubric.

Conducting assessments need not be a formidable task. In fact, every time you provide feedback to a student during a lesson, you assess that student’s performance prior to stating the feedback. Taking it a step further, you can record the observed student’s performance on the recording sheet and, at a future time (e.g., at the end of the day), calculate the rubric score based on the number of elements mastered.

When used as a pretest, assessment outcomes help you decide which steps to subsequently teach to that class. When used as a posttest, assessment outcomes help ascertain if students have reached and/or exceeded the grade-level benchmarks. Comparing pretest to posttest scores illustrates the amount of student learning that has taken place due to instruction and provides powerful data to support continuation or even increased instructional time for physical education. It also offers documentation that performance objectives have been achieved in physical education—just as they are for core classroom subjects—and helps administrators understand the structure and importance of time students spend in physical education.

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