August: Striving for Gold

Summer Olympics 2016 are underway: motivation, intense emotions, hard work and passion.  I love watching athletes do what they love.  We all aren't going to win an Olympic Gold Medal, but we can set goals and strive to meet them.  How do you set goals for winning your Gold Medal? 

Goals give you a vision and short term motivation. 

Step 1: Brainstorm, what do you want to attain with your Gold Medal Goal?

Step 2: Set smaller goals to reach the Gold Medal.  What can you do today?  What can you do this month? What can you do in 6 months? What can you do in a year? Goals need to be SMART.  Significant, Meaningful, Action-Oriented, Rewarding and Trackable. 

Step 3: Celebrate your success- when you reach your goal and throughout the whole process.

Now is the time for you to reach your gold medal.  You can do it!  It's time to make a plan and stick to it.

Written by Karla Palmer, 2016 Fitness Ambassador