Blue Monday Men’s Health – June 13

National Men’s Health Month is June, and it won’t be long until Men’s Health Week is upon us. In 1994, National Men’s Health Week was established and signed into law by then President Bill Clinton. For years, the world has been aware of national men’s health week and would quasi-celebrate it for the advancement of men’s health. Men’s health organizations across the world recognize this week, yet never seem to truly embrace it.

In 2015, the Michigan Institute of Urology Men’s Health Foundation branded and trademarked “Blue Monday.” This Monday is the first day of men’s health week, and is an international celebration, engagement, and call to action for men and their families to embrace the importance of men’s health. The goal of our Blue Monday campaign is to trigger a conscious effort by men to improve their own health and lifestyle, as well as the wellbeing of their families. We ask men to use Blue Monday as a “Call to Action” to do something healthful, make some dietary and lifestyle changes, or perhaps just get an annual physical examination. Since Blue Monday leads up to Father’s Day, our message is a generational one. We’re asking fathers and sons to begin and foster a continued conversation about the importance of men’s health and its impact throughout the experiences of life. We ask fathers to share moments of health and fitness and set an example, which will last a lifetime…hopefully a long and healthy one.

So when Monday, June 13th arrives this year, take a moment to wish everyone a happy and a healthy Blue Monday, and don’t miss an opportunity to share a priceless moment of health with your family.

To learn more about Blue Monday, click here.

Written by Michael Lutz, 2016 Fitness Ambassador