Detroit Marathon

This Saturday, thousands of runners will lace up their shoes and race through Detroit during the 2013 Detroit Free Press Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and 5K. For many, the race celebrates the miles they’ve logged and sweat they’ve shed during the past year.  Among those runners celebrating is Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, who is a first time participant. We’ve asked him to share his story with us here. 


What motivated you to become a runner? Honestly, my suits were getting too tight. I either had to get in shape or buy new clothes. Ironically, I got in such good shape I had to buy new suits.

What does fitness mean to you? It’s the perfect alignment of body, spirit and mind. 

What has been your greatest fitness challenge thus far? For me, it’s finding the time to run.

Lt. Governor Calley

How did you overcome this challenge? I run when I can, no matter how I’m feeling. I just make it happen. Rain, dark, early or late. It’s a priority to me.  

How are you preparing for the 2013 Detroit Marathon? I run. No excuses.

How has your training affected your family? It’s given us an opportunity to be fit together. Down the road, this commitment to a healthy lifestyle will pay dividends for my kids. 

Have you changed your diet at all to accommodate your training? There’s been a dramatic change in my diet as I transitioned into a healthier a lifestyle.

What is your goal in running the Detroit Marathon? Ultimately I don’t have a time goal. I’m running to be a good example for the rest of the state. I hope to motivate someone out there to take fitness seriously and set ambitious goals.

What would you tell someone who is considering a marathon in their future? It’s a very rewarding process. I would say to you’ll be amazed what your body can achieve when you put your mind to it.

How do we help communities create safer environments to get out and be active? The development of walkable communities is key in reinventing Michigan. It’s important that our infrastructure accommodate walkers, runners and cyclists in harmony with motor vehicles. 

Thank you for sharing your story, Lieutenant Governor Calley. 
What is your fitness story? Are you running this weekend? We’d love to hear. Drop us a line at
Every day Michiganders can take steps to get healthier. Each of us has our own “marathon” to conquer: whether it’s your first 5K or your first attempt at a fitness routine, the most important step is the first step. Are you interested in getting active in Michigan this fall? Visit the Pure Michigan FITness Series page  to find an event in your area. All Pure Michigan FITness Series events are inclusive, regardless of age and fitness level. Let’s Get Michigan Moving!