Don’t Let the Heat Get You Down

I must confess that summer is my favorite season.  I love the sun and going to the dunes at Lake Michigan and not having to bundle up!  However, the heat and humidity do sometimes make it difficult to remain active in the summer months and not lose your cool, so here are my tips.

My best suggestion is to get up early and get your exercise in before the heat of the day.  Now, before you protest, please know that this is coming from someone who is definitely NOT a morning person. Not at ALL. Not by a longshot. But, I get up every morning and get out the door by 5:45 to 6:00 AM to start my run before the sun comes up, even on the weekends. Sometimes it’s even a little warm and humid at that time of day, but better than waiting until the sun or temperatures are blazing, and plus it’s done for the day.  The other option would be to move your workouts to evenings when it’s cooler also.

Another idea is to move your exercise to the water. We are the Great Lakes State, after all.  Try swimming in a lake or a pool.  Try canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding. Try Water Aerobics. Or just go for a run along the beach and jump in the water when you’re done.

You could also try to find a nice air-conditioned gym if you have one available, but for me that would be a last resort! I love being outside and enjoying nature. There are so many things to see on my early morning runs. The wildflowers are ever-changing throughout the season. I love to see the chipmunks, squirrels and deer, and some days the sky is just beautiful! One morning last week, I went out to run in a steady light rain-which was actually very refreshing-and I was treated to a double rainbow. So glad I didn’t stay inside that day!

I also set a goal for myself to run over 150 miles in the month of July, so to break it down, it was just under 5 miles per day.  I managed to get in 158 miles.  Setting goals also keeps me accountable to myself so I’m not tempted to skip a run even on the hottest, most humid day.  I love seeing my totals add up!

So my advice to you is, you’ll feel better in the long run if you keep moving. Don’t let the heat get you down and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Written by Susan Horn, 2016 Fitness Ambassador