Employee Health & Fitness Month

2013 Global Employee Health and Fitness Month advertisement Join Us in the Celebration of Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is Employee Health and Fitness Month (EHFM). The Michigan Fitness Foundation, the National Association for Health & Fitness and ACTIVE Life would like to invite you to join employers and employees across the state for the 24th annual Employee Health and Fitness Month designed to promote physical activity in the workplace.

All organizations are invited to celebrate a commitment to employee wellness and kick-start or revive a current wellness program. Observing EHFM can be a simple, healthy and fun way for employers and employees to interact. Promote physical activity during the month of May by organizing a lunch hour walk and offer incentives for employees who participate, or pass out fruit to each employee. For a long term workplace fitness plan, provide healthy snacks at office meetings, send employees a weekly wellness bulletin with healthy tips or encourage employees to take the stairs.

Register your worksite at the bottom of the page now for Employee Health and Fitness Month in Michigan. Registration is quick, easy and free. For more information email  TSleva@michiganfitness.org. Once registered, your worksite will be recognized here (see below).

Participate in the Capitol Walk May 15 in Lansing, MI

The Capitol Walk is an event that the Michigan Fitness Foundation coordinates in order to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month (EHFM) in May. This year the walk was on May 15th at 12:15 p.m. at the Capitol in Lansing. The walk is a mile long and will start at the west steps of the Capitol and take participants to the Hall of Justice and back. Local employees participate each year. You could be a health advocate leader by participating too! Download the Capitol Walk flyer.

Celebrate EHFM with your organization using some of the ideas below:

  • Host a “fitness walk” during lunch break; ask the CEO to lead a fitness walk with employees.
  • Create an indoor walking course at your worksite or around your building with directional signs encouraging the use of stairwells and designated stretching areas.
  • Designate a wellness ambassador in your office to act as an opinion leader to spread the wellness message.
  • Provide prize drawings (health/fitness related items) throughout the day for participating in a “fitness walk” or walking/riding a bike to work that day.
  • There are many endorsed events during the month of May all over Michigan. Consider having your organization or work site participate in a Pure Michigan Fitness Series event: www.michiganfitness.org/pure-michigan-fitness-series

Promote a healthy workplace year-round

  • Encourage employees to “take 10”—a 10-minute physical activity break during their workday.
  • Organize a lunch hour walking club and offer incentives for employees who participate.
  • Encourage employees to hand-deliver messages instead of using email or voicemail.
  • Offer healthy snacks at your next office meeting. Provide unbuttered popcorn instead of a bag of potato chips. This is a great way to introduce healthy foods to your employees.
  • Send your employees a weekly wellness bulletin, or include healthy tips in your company’s internal newsletter.
  • Identify healthy places to eat in close proximity to your workplace.
  • Implement a mandatory stretching policy to loosen up your employees before starting a stressful workday. Stretching and exercise can reduce the risk of lower back pain and other stress-related pain.
  • Provide employees with an opportunity to sign up for a discounted gym membership. (Perhaps your local YMCA would provide a free day pass for every employee.)
  • Encourage staff to complete a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) Tool at www.michigan.gov/healthymichigan
  • Encourage employees to “Smart Commute” by walking, biking, or using public transportation during their workday. Your community may have a smart commute program.  Find out by visiting www.mismartcommute.org

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