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The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC Classic)™ is a comprehensive and flexible K–5 physical education and physical activity system leading to physical literacy for learners:

  • More skill
  • More confidence
  • More motivation to be physically active today and tomorrow

Learning happens every minute of the school day; make every minute count with the EPEC Classic™ system.

EPEC Classic™ is the cornerstone of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAP)

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Physical education is the foundation of CSPAP and physical education teachers are natural leaders to increase physical activity across the day.

EPEC Classic™ bundles mix and match resources for outcome-driven physical education and nutrition reinforcing physical activities with across-the-day resources for physical activity. EPEC™ can boost school success while reinforcing healthy eating and physical literacy. Strong on learning and ahead of the curve, use EPEC™ in one or more of these ways:

  • EPEC Classic K-5™ — a comprehensive physical education system with grade-level benchmarks.
  • NEW! EPEC Classic K–5™ print-your-own CD — select and organize content for lessons and physical activity planning
  • EPEC Classic K–5™ Skill Animations — superior visual demonstrations of locomotor and object control skills to develop student mastery at any age, with both right- and left-handed depictions
  • EPEC Classic K–5™ Comprehensive Bundle — for the physical education cornerstone and across-the-day reach of CSPAP, the comprehensive bundle includes K–5 boxed curriculum, print-your-own PDFs CD, skill animations DVD and FitBits™ classroom physical activity and nutrition brain boosters.
  • For added flexibility, EPEC Classic K–5™ individual objectives are available to strengthen existing programming or to meet special needs.

Effective and easy to use, EPEC Classic™ is:

  • Evidence-based
  • Visually rich, available with posters and animations
  • Nutrition-enhanced
  • Consistent with 2014 national Physical Education standards
  • Bundled to meet needs
  • Ready for CSPAP, with physical activities and FitBits™ for the self-contained classroom

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