Exercise and Wellness from a Desk

If you work in a white collar environment, chances are you are glued to your computer and desk all day. There have been numerous studies describing the problems associated with sitting down all day. For many workers in America today, this is true. It seems computers, smart phones, tablets and all the other gadgets have invaded and succeeded in making us more sedentary.

There are a number of options and strategies for desk-workers to avoid sitting all day. Although not all situations are the same, trying to get in more movement throughout the day may make a big difference in your health and productivity.

Here are some different ways to get a breather from sitting at a desk all day:

1. Stand up and work. Some employers allow for desk modifications or a multi-use space so you can stand or sit to work.

2. Find a friend or coworker and actually take breaks seriously! Oftentimes employers will offer a few 15 minute breaks per day and a regular lunch. Turn those opportunities into more deliberately spent time moving.

3. Try having a walking meeting. Recently, this has become a successful way for me to reach people who may be busy and want to take a break.

Plan out your movement for the day. Before you even begin working, set some goals and envision the pitfalls that may come. If issues do arise, have a backup plan.

Written by Shane Preston, 2016 Fitness Ambassador