Exercise During the Summer

Summer is in full swing right now, which means it is the season of continual sweating (at least for me)! When simply existing makes me feel overheated, it can be hard to force myself outside to exercise when temperatures are high. However, if I am doing something fun, I am much more likely to go outside and be active. We are so fortunate in Michigan to have such a variety of outdoor activities available to us, but we can sometimes take them for granted. This is especially true when it is hot outside and nicely air-conditioned inside.  It is possible to stay active during the summer without melting into a puddle of sweat, you just need to be creative!

  1. 1. Visit a local park: Whether with friends, family, or even by yourself, enjoying the trails and scenery at a park is a great way to sneak in physical activity without it feeling like work. Best of all, many parks are available to you at little or no cost! Bring a volleyball or badminton set, or simply use the trails to get in a little exercise while spending time outdoors.
  2. 2. Go for a bike ride: I don’t know about you, but summer and bike riding go hand-in-hand for me. Research trails near you, dust off your bike, and get out there! If you are worried about the heat, find time in the morning or evening, when it is generally cooler.
  3. 3. Participate in water sports: Exercising without feeling sticky? That is a dream come true for me. Go swimming, rent a canoe or kayak, or even try water skiing. It will get you moving, and you can cool off immediately afterwards!
  4. 4. Sign up for a 5k: There are so many 5k races held during the summer, many with fun themes and atmospheres, if plain competitive running isn’t your thing. Talk a friend into registering with you so that you will have a partner to keep you accountable for training. Also, most races are held in the morning, before it gets too hot!  If you want to see which races are going on near you, sign up for emails from Michigan Fitness Foundation. They have an entire list of races in Michigan, complete with links to their registration pages.
  5. 5. Find an indoor fitness center: I know, this is not very fun, nor is it outdoors, but there are times in the summer where exercising indoors may be the only option for you. It can be expensive to purchase a gym membership, but a little investigating beforehand can go a long ways. Before you commit, see if you can take part in a week free trial in order to see if you will even like the gym in the long run. Additionally, see if the fitness center offers any specials that will allow you to use it without paying for the entire membership. For example, one of my local fitness centers allows you to walk or run their track for only a dollar. This is an excellent option for those who don’t visit frequently enough to warrant paying for a full membership.

There is an exercise option for everyone during the summer; keep trying until you find something that’s safe and that works for you. So, get outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts!

Written by Jenny Beuschel, 2016 Fitness Ambassador