Find What You Love


What do you love? Finding what you love to do will make the process of getting, being and staying healthy easy and fun. I compare my love of exercise to what love can be like.

Love is so exciting in the beginning.  You just can’t get enough of it.  You are always thinking about your love.  You always want to be with your love. You want to buy things for your love. You write about your love. 

As time spent with your love continues, you get into a rhythm with your love.  You continue to need your love and the relationship gets stronger. You work together and accomplish goals. Consistency and work need to be put into the relationship for it to stay strong.

And in the end, the relationship just works. You know your love and your love knows you. Sometimes you stick with the usual and sometimes you need to try something different. You learn from your love and know the best way that works. Love is what you need, love is what Michigan needs, and love is what our country needs.

So go and find what you love. Spend time on your exercise, think about your exercise, set goals with your exercise, buy things for your exercise and continue to work on your exercise.

Written by Karla Palmer, 2016 Fitness Ambassador