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Get Kids Moving!  The mind and body work together.

Multiple studies show that active children achieve higher academic test scores, indentifying positive connections between physical activity and learning.
You can incorporate short activity breaks into regular classroom activities using FitBits™. These fun and engaging activities get kids up out of their seats and moving to break up long periods of inactivity, transition from one subject to another, or just to liven up the classroom.
Each FitBits™ book includes 7–10 minute activities to get kids up and moving for brief classroom breaks. They are easy to use and don’t require specialty equipment.
Each activity introduces or reinforces a basic nutrition message, including healthy body behaviors, identifying food groups, focusing on fruits and vegetables, and choosing healthy snacks.  Newly-revised and improved, each FitBits™ activity also features a grade-specific "Apple Core" which teachers can use to further reinforce Common Core Educational Standards for Math and English Language Arts.
Also included with each book is a music CD to optionally use during the activities.