A Fun Idea to Keep You Motivated

Sometimes you may need to create a fun goal to keep you motivated for your walking or running program.  I live year round on Mackinac Island and babysit my grandkids almost every day, so creating a goal for us was very easy.  We decided that our goal would be to walk or ride our bikes on EVERY trail, path and road on the entire island by the time school started in the fall.  The Mackinac Island State Park says that there are over 140 miles of trails on the island, plus all the roads and unmarked paths, so we have a huge job ahead of us.  My grandson is six and granddaughter is four-  both are very excited to get started.  To track our progress, my daughter enlarged an island map and we posted it on a wall at home.  Our plan is to mark our route everyday with different colored markers.  We will let you know how we did in September!

(Yes, when I lose my walking partners, I will continue walking…)

This idea could be implemented anywhere.  When I lived in East Lansing and lead “Walk Michigan” walks every weekend, I learned about many different great walking paths you could include in your goal if you live in that area.  My favorites were Lake Lansing North and the Lansing River Trail.  If you Google “Walking Trails near ____________” (insert the name of your city), you will come up with lots of ideas for places to walk.  Then make a copy of your trail map and trace your route with colored markers after each walk.  Add up your miles each month or week, or whatever you decided your goal would be.

Attached is a picture of the kids and me with the enlarged map we made of the island.  In my September blog, I will post a picture of the map with all our routes colored in.  Wish us luck!  We are very excited to start on our goal.

Written by Joan Barch, 2016 Fitness Ambassador