Have you remained on track?

Summer is busy. At our house, we seem to be on the go all the time. We work hard and we play hard.  But with everything going on, summer is also a time that I struggle to stay on track.  So much of what we do seems to focus around food.  It seems summer is one big BBQ! For a grazer (that’s me…a grazer!), it can be a slippery slope- a bite of this, a taste of that…

I have found a few things that help me stay off that slope:

  1. 1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER – I keep a big bottle of water with my almost always.  If I feel hungry, I try drinking water first. Sometime thirst can be misconstrued as hunger.
  2. 2. STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY AND ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – On a hot summer day, a nice cold soda or cocktail can sound great (and sometimes I indulge) but I keep my water nearby as that is my first go to.
  3. 3. BRING HEALTHY SNACKS – I know when I am headed to a BBQ, I’m a snacker.  I bring a lot of fresh vegetables and other healthy snacks.  A little preparation can really save me a lot of regret (Pinterest is FULL of great ideas). This is a great time of year for local farm fresh veggies!
  4. 4. DON’T SET UNREALISTIC RESTRICTIONS – I’ve learned over the years, that if I restrict my diet too much, I am setting myself up for failure.  If I want a burger, I’ll have a burger….portion control is the key for me.  I’ll forego the bun or choose a whole grain bun…but I won’t deprive myself.
  5. 5. DON’T GO INTO IT HUNGRY – I am a lot less likely to make poor eating choices if I haven’t starved myself all day in anticipation of a meal.  It’s like the old saying, “never grocery shop when you’re hungry.”

Now, exercise…well, after all that grazing, I have a difficult time finding my will to get up and go.  It seems my motivation has been buried in excuses…it’s still there, but I really have to dig for it.  What helps me find it? Supportive and encouraging friends, those people who post their daily accomplishments and struggles on Facebook (yes, those are motivating) and family. Also, I realized the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day run was fast approaching.  So, I laced up my shoes and hopped back on track.

See you at the finish line of the 13th Annual Bridge Run!

Written by Ressie Stranaly, 2016 Fitness Ambassador