Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools K-2

Children playing outside under the cloudsGrades K–2

Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools for Kindergarten through second grade includes eight lessons incorporating 27 activities. Teachers can introduce and reinforce healthy messages using lessons such as Fill Your Plate with Colors and Super Snacks and Healthy Parties. The materials also include the resource Ensuring Success with Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools to give teachers additional support when implementing the lessons and activities.

Also offered are companion books with nutrition and physical activity themes tailored for each grade. There are three books for each grade level—kindergarten, first grade and second grade—available. Titles include Dim Sum for Everyone, From Head to Toe, and The Little Mouse, Strawberry, Bear for Kindergarten; The Beastly Feast, Germs are not for Sharing, and Animal Boogie for first grade; and Evening Meals Around the World, Come Out and Play, and A Taste of the Mexican Market for second grade.

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