Hike 100 Challenge

In 2016, the National Park Service is celebrating their centennial anniversary. To commemorate this special event, the North Country Trail Association is promoting the “Hike 100 Challenge.” Anyone who hikes 100 miles on the North Country Trail during 2016 will be eligible for a special patch and certificate.

What is the NCT and where is it located?

The NCT is over 4000 miles long and links seven states. In Michigan, the trail runs up the western half of the Lower Peninsula. The main office for the NCT is in Lowell, Michigan, so I think Lowell is a great place to start. The trail continues north to Traverse City, Mackinaw City and then across the Western Upper Peninsula. Go to https://northcountrytrail.org  for more information. (Note:  Their maps are fantastic! You can view them online or pick them up at the NCT office in Lowell). The book “North Country Trail” by Ron Strickland is another great resource if you’re looking to pinpoint some of the cooler destinations on the trail.

The “Hike 100 Challenge” runs from January through December. Every time you go on the trail, track your miles. You’ll be at 100 in no time! The idea is to get everyone out on the trail and having fun. #Hike100NCT

Happy hiking!

Written by Marty Button, 2016 Fitness Ambassador