How to be consistently consistent

I love running. Doing it, talking about it, writing about it.

But some days, it takes everything in me to get out the door. Ever have those days?

And, yet, I still log 25 miles a week or more. Plus I do yoga and some sort of low-impact cross training (like walking) each week.

So how do I get over the I-don't-wannas and keep going?

Scratching off a goal. I've often used a Hal Higdon half-marathon and full-marathon training plan, and the best way to stay consistent has been to print off the plan and put it on my fridge. Knowing that I get to scratch off each run or workout is part of the appeal. Type A personality much?

Amigos. Knowing that my friends are waiting for me to show up also helps me get my butt in gear when I would much rather turn off my alarm and go back to sleep. After all, I don't really want to disturb the cat sleeping on my legs. Blogging. I love reading about others' running exploits for inspiration and often will go read a friend’s blog. I also need writing material for my own blog, so there's that.

Life goals. I don’t want to get overly dramatic, but diabetes runs in my family and one of my goals is to avoid it at all costs. Being active and healthy will also allow me to live long enough to see my kids' children grow up. And you know what they say about payback.

Bag of tricks. When all else fails, I trick myself to be consistent. I may bribe myself with a small treat like chocolate milk, promise myself that I'll go to bed extra early that evening (sometimes I even do) or even buy myself some running gear that I know I won't want to wait to try.

But a big part of why I'm consistently consistent is my desire to finish what I start. I am not a quitter and I rely on my training to get me through my long runs or races.

How about you, what helps you be consistent in your running? What word describes your running these days?

Written by Gisgie Gendreau, 2016 Fitness Ambassador