The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum™ for K–5

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Students playing basketball in the gym

The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC Classic)™ is a comprehensive and flexible K–5 physical education and physical activity system leading to physical literacy* for learners:

  • More skill
  • More confidence
  • More motivation to be physically active today and tomorrow

Learning happens every minute of the school day; make every minute count with the EPEC™ Classic system.

Effective and easy to use, EPEC™ Classic K-5 is:

  • Evidence-based
  • Visually rich, available with posters and animations
  • Nutrition-enhanced
  • Consistent with 2014 National Physical Education Standards
  • Ready for CSPAP with physical activities and FitBits™ for the self-contained classroom and before/after school programs.

EPEC™ Classic is a cornerstone of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAP)

EPEC K-5 bundle

Physical education is the foundation of CSPAP and physical education teachers are natural leaders to increase physical activity across the day.

Mix and match resources for outcome-driven physical education and nutrition reinforcing physical activities with across-the-day resources for physical activity using EPEC™ Classic bundles. EPEC™ can boost school success while reinforcing healthy eating and physical literacy.

CSPAP Resources

EPEC™ Classic K–5 components to meet different teaching needs and provide across-the-day physical education programming:

  • Print-your-own PDFs CD
  • Skill animations DVDs
  • Individual program objectives

Explore the tabs at the left to learn more about the different components of EPEC™ Classic.

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*Physical Literacy — The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity

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