June Starts Summer: Time to Reset

I must admit that summer is my favorite season.  The weather, sunshine and great beaches in Michigan keep my spirit happy.  I am also fortunate that I have the opportunity in my professional work to reset with a much needed summer break. For me, this means less work time and more free time and I can use to ramp up my exercise routine. 

My first marathon experience over Memorial Weekend didn't go exactly how I had planned. There was no Boston Qualifying time and it really was a "bad" run, which I don't experience very often.  I have decided that one bad run doesn't need to break my spirit and I can now call myself a "marathoner."

The Bayshore Marathon was my kick off to this summer, as I always try to have one big fitness event to kick of the season and then try to end the season with another big event.  Now I need to pick what that big event will be for Summer 2016.  Last summer it was the Ludington Lighthouse Tri-the swim in Lake Michigan challenged me the greatest, but it was such a great feeling to overcome a fear of open water swimming in the big lake.  Just like finishing the marathon was a great feeling of accomplishment.

Having time to reset during the summer and work on a variety of fitness goals is so enjoyable.  How do you reset your fitness routine in the summer?  Whatever you do, get out and enjoy the great Pure Michigan State that we live in.  Find a new trail to explore in one of Michigan's State Parks, swim with your children, try stand up paddle boarding, go for a canoe ride, plant flowers in your landscaping or walk along the sandy white beaches of Lake Michigan.  Reset your fitness routine and reset your spirit.

Written by Karla Palmer, 2016 Fitness Ambassador