Mall Walking is Music to My Ears

Some people (Purists, maybe) say you shouldn’t listen to music while running. They say you will be much more “in-tune” with your body without it. They express concerns about speeding cars and wild dogs. They preach that quiet time away from technology can be meditative…that we should enjoy the gift of silence.

However, on those days when I’m lacking motivation, nothing works better than music to pump me up. Music can make a mundane treadmill routine more fun. Personally, I use Pandora.  “Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio” is one of my favorites along with “Dance Cardio” and “Classic Rock Power Workout.” And if you’re in need of some girl power motivation, the “Katy Perry” station is a great choice. But Pandora playlists aren’t the only things that help me get through my workouts. The podcast “Serial” is like listening to an in depth news story on NPR. You’ll get so entranced listening to the story that you’ll have miles done before you know it.

But be sure to remember: With great audio power comes great volume control.; Always be aware of what is going on around you.

But what if I’m not training for a race or looking for a major cardio workout? Some days I just want to get out of the house and walk. As I mentioned in my first post, I am not a fan of cold weather. So that’s why I love mall walking. Here are some cool links. This page lists walking hours and approximate lap distances at all of the major malls in Metro Detroit. Twelve Oaks Mall provides their mall walkers with a free breakfast and motivational speaker once a month. Here’s the link to register with them.

For anyone living in the Ann Arbor area, Briarwood Mall opens their corridors at 7:00 am for walkers. This allows you to walk without being tempted to shop. The University of Michigan’s U Move Program offers low impact aerobics at 9:00 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. These classes are FREE. The class seems to be filled with mostly seniors but anyone is welcome. Briarwood also offers Stroller Strides- a group that offers resistance training and walking for new parents.

No matter where you walk, it’s important to get out and just keep moving.

Written by Marty Button, 2016 Michigan Fitness Ambassador

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