Mental Errors and Mental Corrections

Throughout the past few weeks, I took a deep dive into sports psychology and found a wild and fascinating collection of writings on the topic. I was first recommended only a few books by a very accomplished athlete and I thought ‘why not study up on sports psychology.’ What I found was beyond anything I ever imagined. The topic is rich with detail, insight and motivation. Two of the books I read stood out to me in particular. The first few chapters of “The Champion’s Mind” by Dr. Jim Afremow will hook you. Dr. Afremow discussed a wide range of fitness topics such as anxiety management, character building, finding comfort in the uncomfortable, mental errors/ mental corrections and-my personal favorite-that we can only control our attitude and our efforts. The other book is entitled, “How Bad Do You Want it” subtitled ‘Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle’ written by Matt Fitzgerald. In this book, Fitzgerald touches on some of the same topics as Dr. Afremow, but also discusses a modern area of study called the psychobiological model of athletic performance. This book tells entertaining stories while interlacing the latest research from Dr. Samuele Marcora to underscore the science behind overcoming challenges. As the weather changes and the days shorten, consider these two books because both deserve a read.

Written by Shane Preston, 2016 Fitness Ambassador