Michigan Health & Wellness 4x4 Plan

Governor Snyder's 4x4 Plan for Health Aims to Build a Stronger Michigan

Every Michigander has a role to play in improving the health of our state. Governor Rick Snyder announced his vision for building a stronger Michigan on September 14. The Governor indicated that health and wellness is the foundation for Michigan’s economic transformation as well as overall quality of life, and that each Michigan citizen who takes responsibility for his or her health will make a difference for our state.

Mother and baby grocery shopping for healthy foods

As a part of his presentation, he laid out the Michigan 4x4 Plan, which encourages all Michiganders to practice four key healthy behaviors:

1. Maintain a healthy diet

2. Engage in regular exercise

3. Get an annual physical examination

4. Avoid all tobacco use

In conjunction with these key healthy behaviors, we should all be aware of four key health measures that are closely tied to the incidence of chronic disease:

1. Body Mass Index (BMI)

2. Blood pressure

3. Cholesterol level

4. Blood sugar level

The Governor’s announcement addressed a number of health issues, including obesity, chronic disease and health care costs.

The complete Michigan 4x4 Plan can be found at michigan.gov/healthymichigan

“By taking responsibility for our health and making a commitment to Governor Snyder’s 4x4 plan, each Michigander is able to make a difference for our state,” said Marilyn Lieber, president and CEO of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, and the Michigan Fitness Foundation. “We can all do our part to lift Michigan up and improve health status, the economy and ultimately quality of life in our state.”