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The Michigan Nutrition Network (MNN) at the Michigan Fitness Foundation is an Implementing Agency for nutrition education, delivered to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible Michiganders. The program originates at the USDA Food and Nutrition Service and is under the direction of the Department of Human Services in Michigan. Called SNAP-Ed, the program helps SNAP recipients to establish healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle and provides primary prevention of chronic diseases.

The Michigan Nutrition Network creates innovative partnerships with dozens of organizations across the state in order to reach as many of the state’s SNAP recipients as possible.

Goal: To improve eating and lifestyle behaviors as a preventive approach to reducing diet-related health problems.

2013 - 2016 Objective: By September 30, 2016, there will be an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables and an increase in physical activity among Michigan residents participating in SNAP-Ed projects as the result of a coordinated education and communication program.

In 2013 MNN SNAP-Ed will:

  • Provide nutrition education and promote physical activity, utilizing evidence and practice-based initiatives, to pre-school children, K–12 youth, mothers and older adults who are eligible for SNAP.
  • Strengthen relationships with under-served SNAP-Ed populations to expand reach of SNAP-Ed within those groups.
  • Provide statewide support to SNAP-Ed staff to improve their ability to deliver effective, efficient and innovative SNAP-Ed programming.
  • Implement at least two social marketing campaigns that have been demonstrated to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables and/or physical activity.
  • Demonstrate through formative, process and outcome evaluation that Michigan SNAP-Ed programs are effective.


In 2012–2013, the Michigan Nutrition Network supports 46 competitively-bid and impact-driven projects.

For more information please visit the Michigan Nutrition Network website.

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