For each of the 35 objectives in the EPEC™ Classic K-5 Curriculum, there are multiple components.

Each Objective includes:

  • The Teaching/Learning Progression (TLP), which outlines all steps of the Objective and gives both teachers and learners clear expectations of what is to be learned.
  • Instructional Segments, which teachers can use as guidance to motivate, explain and demonstrate, practice, and review the individual steps for the Objective.
  • Reinforcing Activities, which provide additional physical activity and fun ways for students to practice the lesson objectives. Many reinforcing activities also include nutrition content.
  • Assessments, which help measure how well students are mastering the content and progressing through the steps of the Teaching/Learning Progression. Assessments can be used as both pre-tests and post-tests.

See tabs at the top left side of this page for detailed descriptioins of these components.

Now available, EPEC™ Classic K–5 Objectives — strong on physical activity, fitness, knowledge, motor skills, and personal and social skills — can be purchased as individual units of instruction. Individual EPEC™ Classic™ Classic Objectives can:

  • Fill gaps in current physical education programming.
  • Provide effective teaching/learning content to meet standards and achieve competence.
  • Supplement physical activity programs for a stronger focus on outcomes.
  • Support positive learning outcomes for special needs students.

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