PE-Nut: Classroom Instruction

Classroom Instruction

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In the classroom, students not only learn why it is important to eat properly, they learn how to make healthy choices while sampling healthy snacks, all in an environment that supports healthy living. Physical activity is also included via activity breaks in the classroom. This all happens within a school culture where teachers, physical educators, administrators and other partners (such as the food service director) teach and reinforce the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition with consistent language and messages.

Many of the PE-Nut materials also have core curriculum links, so you can reinforce instruction in math, science, social studies, and language arts.

Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools (HCHS)

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Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools helps teachers transform first their classroom and, ultimately, their school to be environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity.

One HCHS set is for grades K–2, the other for grades 3–5. Both can be ordered with companion books tailored to a specific grade. Both also include activities for teachers and students that introduce and reinforce healthy messages.

Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools touches on all areas defined by the Centers for Disease Control as part of a Coordinated School Health program.

Health Through Literacy

The book sets that make up Health Through Literacy include five to six books, age-appropriate for each grade K–5, with nutrition or physical activity themes.

Each book comes with a tip sheet to enhance the health messages within the books. These tip sheets help teachers to discuss the books with their classes, incorporate physical activity into the reading of the book, provide a food tasting opportunity for students, and integrate health messages with other areas of the program.


Studies have indicated that classroom physical activity breaks improve on-task behaviors in students, thereby increasing the learning experience of the child. Teachers can use FitBits™ to offer students a physical activity break lasting 7–10 minutes while simultaneously teaching nutrition concepts in the classroom.

Each book has activities targeted at a grade level. The Kindergarten book includes thirty activities; the Lower Elementary (grades 1–2) and Upper Elementary (grades 3–5) each have forty. The nutrition concepts include: Healthy Bodies, Food Groups, Fruits and Veggies, and Healthy Snacks.

Each book also includes a CD with music to play during the physical activity component, if desired. View more detailed information about FitBits™

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