PE-Nut: Take-Home Activities

Son helping mom wash fresh vegetables in the kitchen sinkTake-Home Activities

PE-Nut includes many materials that reach beyond the student and the classroom to encompass parents and families, such as the Parent Newsletters. Four quarterly newsletters specific for each grade K–5 that focus on physical education, physical activity, and nutrition are available. Each newsletter reinforces not only the physical education skills taught in EPEC PE classes, but also the personal/social skills. The newsletters also provide ideas for families to get physically active together.

The nutrition side of each newsletter provides a brief article addressing common misconceptions regarding nutrition, ideas for family nutritional activities, an easy recipe and the title of a related book.

A blank area on each newsletter can be used for school announcements or for recognition of an agency that underwrites the costs of the newsletters.

The PE-Nut program also offers other materials that help spread messages about healthy eating and physical activity to the home, including:

  • Health Through Literacy Take-home bookbags for two age groups (grades K–5 and 3–5)
  • Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools family letters
  • Health Through Literacy books available from the school library for students to check out and read at home
  • PE-Nut recipe booklets
  • PE-Nut healthy snack lists
  • Recipes for healthy classroom celebrations

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