Posters & Animations

Posters are also available for purchase with the EPEC curriculum and are a great aid to instruction. Posters are 11” x 17” and full-color. There are 60 posters for locomotor skills, 84 for object-control skills, 35 for knowledge, activity, and fitness, and 32 for personal/social skills.

The posters serve several instructional purposes. First, they provide a graphical illustration of correct elements of form to use during instruction, particularly during the Explain/Demonstrate component of an Instructional Segment. Second, the posters, with their graphics and cue words, exactly match the assessment rubrics so students know exactly what is expected of them. Third, they contain reference to the National Standard being addressed.

Posters are provided for most steps in the Teaching/Learning Progression. Be sure to display the poster that accompanies a given TLP step being taught in an Instructional Segment in a visible location for students. 

Demonstrate skills using DVD-quality, computer-generated animations.

One disc includes object-control skills, the other locomotor skills. In addition, the animations feature diverse characters of both genders and several races and can easily switch between right- and left-handed demonstrations.

You can play animations smoothly or with slow-motion pauses and optionally activate voice-narration of cue words to accompany the action onscreen.

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