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The Michigan Fitness Foundation is proud to be a partner of Pure Michigan FIT.

As a parent or caregiver of a young child, you play an important role in helping your child make good choices about the foods they eat to stay healthy, happy and active. Teaching your child healthy eating habits and promoting an active lifestyle are an investment in behaviors that can help a child grow into a healthy, active Pure Michigan FIT adult.

Pure Michigan sunrise and early riser kayaker What is Pure Michigan FIT?

In the fall of 2011, Governor Snyder issued a special message encouraging Michiganders to take a stand against obesity and help build a stronger, healthier Michigan. A Pure Michigan FIT partnership was announced during the Governor’s State of the State message in January 2012. Since then, several state agencies, non-profits, and Michigan businesses have been working on a program aimed at tackling the rising obesity rates of Michigan.

Pure Michigan FIT is a nutrition and fitness initiative that provides tools and resources for families to give children a good start toward a long, happy and healthy life. Pure Michigan FIT has brought together partners from throughout Michigan to grow a healthier Michigan. The building blocks of health begin with healthy eating habits and physical activity at an earlier age, empowering our children to lead healthier lives.

The goal of the Pure Michigan FIT program is to lay a foundation of healthy eating and living habits early so it translates into a healthy lifestyle. That will partly be achieved by disseminating nutrition information through the Michigan Nutrition Network and other existing networks to reach parents, caregivers and others with information on how to improve the health and well-being of Michigan children through proper, adequate nutrition and physical activity.

PureMichigan FIT focuses on education and outreach components through:

  • Retail grocery stores
  • Physical fitness activities
  • The Michigan Nutrition Network and existing food assistance programs 
  • The health and medical communities in our state

To ensure that fitness was a large component of the programming and to build from a successful event endorsement program, Michigan Fitness Foundation has created the Pure Michigan FITness Series.

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