Rec-connect logo – Connecting low-income families with free or low-cost physical activities

Your organization can benefit from engaging in Rec-Connect by:

  • Building collaborations and relationships within your community
  • Create a community network to support physical activity and healthy food choices
  • Be part of shaping a healthy community
  • Build awareness of what you offer to the community
  • Receive funds to support your rec-connect programming

You can benefit from becoming a Rec-Connect participant by:

  • Getting to know your local community leaders and Rec-Center staff
  • Finding out what free or low cost physical activity opportunities are available to you
  • Being physically active while socializing with other parents and caregivers
  • Building a support network for living a healthy lifestyle
  • Being a role model of healthy behaviors for your kids
  • Getting your kids moving and active while they interact with other kids their age
  • Providing a safe environment for you and your children to be physically active
  • Spending quality time with your children
  • Learning ways to balance your physical activity levels with how many calories you eat and use

Community hula hooping For more information about opportunities to be physically active in your community, check your community: