Remember Your Trail

Last week I had a great opportunity to get together with other residents in Battle Creek, MI and talk about how we utilize our trails for tourism. Every time I participate in such an event, I always think about how I should do this more. The trail was beautiful! We biked along under the shade of the trees, next to the river, and through a garden that is a regular spot for senior pictures. I forget as I hurry along in my days how much beauty is right outside my door. I can go from my office to a trail within minutes and be off on a pleasant ride around town hitting many parks along the way. So why don’t I do this more?

It’s all about memory. We can forget how wonderful yet simple it is to take a little vacation from our day. Sometimes I forget what an easy ride it is or how great the flowers look along the trail. I can see the trail from the window but often forget it is even there. So as someone that promotes healthy lifestyles in my community, I was disappointed in myself. Why haven’t we marketed the trail that passes through parks, gardens and along the river? All over Michigan there are perfect places for outdoor activity that are being under-utilized. It is time for us to mobilize our resources and showcase just how great they are. We may not all have the ability to air commercials or take out ads, but we can at least invite a friend to take a walk or share our own outdoor experiences. Being that reminder of the beauty that is around us every day can be a great way to get people up, active and enjoying their community.

Written by Angela Myers, 2016 Fitness Ambassador