Spring is coming, consider a Tri!

It’s really beginning to feel like spring outside and the 2016 race season is right around the corner. Now is a good time to consider a fun, rewarding and challenging triathlon this year. Perfect timing to visit the doctor (if necessary) and get the green light to train for a triathlon.

There are many benefits to the challenges of swimming, biking, and running. But don’t worry- different triathlons have different distances and there is a tremendous amount of options in Pure Michigan.

For some people, a big boost of self-confidence comes with training and finishing a triathlon. For me, I have found that training for an event actually offers a true purpose for motivation.

Other people find that training and competing in a triathlon is a social experience unlike any other. Finding a training partner and sticking with your program together can be a great social event.

In addition, if weight loss is something you are interested in, a triathlon may be a good way to drop some pounds. Each of the three triathlon disciplines are terrific cardiovascular exercises.

Yet for some, competing in a triathlon is really about overall wellness in many different areas: physically, spiritually and even emotionally. First time finishers often talk of the high from competing and the great personal satisfaction from accomplishing such an event.

For all these reasons and more, now is a good time to begin training for a triathlon!

Written by Shane Preston, 2016 Fitness Ambassador