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Michigan Fitness Foundation
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Michigan Fitness Leadership

President and Chief Executive Officer J.J. Tighe

J.J. Tighe

President & Chief Executive Officer





Vice President of Finance Diane Bauer

Diane Bauer, M.B.A., C.P.A.

Vice President of Finance





Marci Scott, Vice President of Health Programs

Marci Scott, Ph.D, R.D.

Vice President of Health Programs





Michigan Fitness Staff


Safe Routes to School Director Meg Ackerman

Meg Thomas Ackerman, M.A. 

Director of Safe Routes to School




Project Assistant Pam Bartig

Pam Bartig

Project Assistant




Daniela Boville, Marketing and Events Intern

Daniela Boville

Marketing and Events Intern




Francesca Boville, Web Designer

Francesca Boville

Web Designer




Will Connors III,  Operations Coordinator

Will Connors III

Operations Coordinator




Michelle Coss, Director of Marketing and Events

Michelle Coss

Director of Marketing and Events




Kathleen Cullinen, Director of Network Programs

Kathleen Cullinen, Ph.D., R.D.

Evaluation Specialist & Public Health Fellowship Director




Chelsea Cummings, Grant & Data Manager

Chelsea Cummings

Grant & Data Manager




Kimberly Emery, Office Manager

Kimberly Emery

Office Manager




Justin Fast, Social Initiatives Specialist

Justin Fast

Social Initiatives Specialist




Lindsay Fortman, Project Manager

Lindsay Fortman, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

Project Manager




Christine Galasso, Business Development Director

Christine Galasso

Business Development Director, Wins for Warriors




Mary Grill, Training & Resource Specialist

Mary Grill

Training & Resource Specialist




Gail Hanna, Accounting Manager

Gail Hanna

Accounting Manager




Charli Holloway, Graphic Designer

Charli Holloway

Graphic Designer




Sandy Hudson, Executive Director

Sandy Hudson

Executive Director, Wins for Warriors




Katie Johnson, Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator

Katie Johnson

Safe Routes to School Grants Manager




Sarah Jones, Project Manager

Sarah Jones, M.S., R.D.

Evaluation Specialist




Kendra Keyes, Shipping Coordinator

Kendra Keyes

Operations Coordinator




Ben Kohrman, Director of Communications

Ben Kohrman

Director of Communications




Nancy Krupiarz: Executive Director, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

Nancy Krupiarz

Executive Director, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance




Michelle Lafleche, Data Manager

Michelle Lafleche, M.A.

Data Specialist




Mariama Lockington, Safe Routes to School Operations Coordinator

Mariama Lockington, M. Ed., M. A.

Safe Routes to School Operations Coordinator




Paul McConaughy, Social Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Paul McConaughy, M.A.

Social Marketing & Social Media Specialist




Mary McGuire-Slevin, Assistant Director, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

Mary McGuire-Slevin

Assistant Director, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance




Kelsie Meade, Accounting Intern

Kelsie Meade

Accounting Intern




Sergei Mnatsakanov, Communications & Digital Content Coordinator

Sergei Mnatsakanov

Communications & Digital Content Coordinator




April Morrison-Harke, Safe Routes to School Training and Contract Manager

April Morrison-Harke

Safe Routes to School Contracts Coordinator




Chris Nowak, IT Manager

Chris Nowak

IT Manager




Sarah L. Panken, Active Communities Director

Sarah L. Panken, M.S., M.A.

Director of Network Programs




Jamie Rahrig, Project Manager

Jamie Rahrig, R.D.

Project Manager




Kimbirly Rindfleisch, Project Manager

Kimbirly Rindfleisch

Project Manager




Taylor Schultz, Marketing and Events Intern

Taylor Schultz

Marketing and Events Intern




Michelle Snitgen, Active Communities Coordinator

Michelle Snitgen

Active Communities Coordinator




Jamila Stevens, LMSW, Project Manager

Jamila Stevens, LMSW

Project Manager




Maran Subramain,  Evaluation Specialist

Maran Subramain, Ph.D.

Evaluation Specialist




Tammy Sullivan, Director of Major Grant Operations

Tammy Sullivan, M.P.A., CGMS

Director of Major Grant Operations




Meghan Woods, Michigan Trails and Greenways Intern

Meghan Woods

Michigan Trails and Greenways Intern




Teresa Zwemer, R.D., Project Manager

Teresa Zwemer, R.D.

Project Manager