Michigan Fitness Staff

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Michigan Fitness Foundation
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Lansing, Michigan 48909


Michigan Fitness Leadership


President and Chief Executive Officer, Amy Ghannam

Amy Ghannam, M.B.A.

President & Chief Executive Officer

(517) 908-3802

aghannam (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Vice President of Finance Diane Bauer

Diane Bauer, M.B.A., C.P.A.

Vice President of Finance

(517) 908-3806

dbauer (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Marci Scott, Vice President of Health Programs

Marci Scott, Ph.D, R.D.

Vice President of Health Programs

(517) 908-3862

mscott (at) michiganfitness (dot) org




Michigan Fitness Staff


Katie Alexander, Safe Routes to School Director

Katie Alexander

Director of Safe Routes to School

(517) 908-3830

kalexander (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Pam Bartig, Project Assistant

Pam Bartig

Project Assistant

(517) 908-3860

pbartig (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Kimberly Emery, Office Manager

Kimberly Emery

Office Manager

(517) 908-3804

kemery (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Lindsay Fortman, Project Manager

Lindsay Fortman, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

Project Manager

(517) 908-3845

lfortman (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Max Fulkerson, Safe Routes to School Contracts Coordinator

Max Fulkerson

Safe Routes to School Contracts Coordinator

(517) 908-3832

mfulkerson (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Jenny Fust, Support Services Associate

Jenny Fust

Support Services Associate

(517) 908-3800

jfust (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Lila Gutuskey, Evaluation Specialist

Lila Gutuskey, Ph.D.

Evaluation Specialist

(517) 908-3868

lgutuskey (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Gail Hanna, Accounting Manager

Gail Hanna

Director of Grant Operations

(517) 908-3808

ghanna (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Amanda Hathaway Frattarelli, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Assistant Director

Amanda Hathaway Frattarelli

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Assistant Director

(517) 908-3885

amanda (at) michigantrails (dot) org



Jocelyn Hayward, AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Jocelyn Hayward

AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

(517) 908-3835

jhayward (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Charli Holloway, Graphic Designer

Charli Holloway

Graphic Designer

(517) 908-3838

cholloway (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Adam Jenks, Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator

Adam Jenks, M.U.R.P.

Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator

(517) 908-3816

ajenks (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Sarah Jones, Project Manager

Sarah Jones, M.S., R.D.

Evaluation Specialist

(517) 908-3840

sjones (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Kendra Keyes, Support Services Manager

Kendra Keyes

Support Services Manager

(517) 908-3858

kkeyes (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Ben Kohrman, Director of Communications

Ben Kohrman

Director of Communications

(517) 908-3833

bkohrman (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Michelle Lafleche, Data Manager

Michelle LaFleche, M.A.

Data Specialist

(517) 908-3864

mlafleche (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Anne Lee, Project Manager

Anne Lee

Project Manager

(517) 908-3853

alee (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Mary McGuire-Slevin, Communications Manager

Mary McGuire-Slevin

Communications Manager

(517) 908-3885

mmcguire-slevin (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Sarah Mott, Project Manager

Sarah Mott

Project Manager

(517) 908-3843

smott (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Annie Murphy, Evaluation Specialist

Annie Murphy, Ph.D, R.D. 

Evaluation Specialist

(517) 908-3841

amurphy (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Chris Nowak, IT Manager

Chris Nowak

IT Manager

(517) 908-3854

cnowak (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Sarah L. Panken, Active Communities Director

Sarah L. Panken, M.S., M.A.

Director of Network Programs

(517) 908-3822

spanken (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Erin Potter, Web Developer

Erin Potter

Web Developer

(517) 908-3837

epotter (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Kimbirly Rindfleisch, Project Manager

Kimbirly Rindfleisch

Project Manager

(517) 908-3852

krindfleisch (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Jillian Seach, Communication & Events Intern

Jillian Seach

Communication & Events Intern

(517) 908-3870

jseach (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Emily Stuhldreher, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Intern

Emily Stuhldreher

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Intern

(517) 908-3870

emily (at) michigantrails (dot) org



Colleen Synk, Safe Routes to School Operations Coordinator

Colleen Synk

Safe Routes to School Operations Coordinator

(517) 908-3826

csynk (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Jane Whitacre, Project Manager

Jane Whitacre, M.P.A.

Project Manager

(517) 908-3834

jwhitacre (at) michiganfitness (dot) org



Bob Wilson, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Executive Director

Bob Wilson

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Executive Director

(517) 908-3883

bob (at) michigantrails (dot) org



Teresa Zwemer, R.D., Project Manager

Teresa Zwemer, R.D.

Project Manager

(517) 908-3844

tzwemer (at) michiganfitness (dot) org