Summertime is Pure Michigan

Summer in Michigan is truly the best…No excuses! All winter long I hear people say “I will start exercising when it gets warm…when the snow melts…when it’s not dark in the mornings.” No more excuses! We have just passed the Summer Solstice, the longest daylight day of the year, my favorite day of the year and Michigan’s best weather. The Michigan outdoors is calling and inviting us to enjoy it and be active. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just do it. Make it fun and do it with someone who might need some encouragement as well. Being active outdoors with someone else is definitely more fun than doing it alone and will help make sure that you continue doing it.

Getting started is always the biggest challenge, so just pick a day, make a date with a friend or your spouse and commit to each other to a new beginning. After 3 weeks, an exercise ritual becomes part of your routine and the momentum should be enough to carry you through the winter. If you look at the Michigan weather as your personal challenge, I guarantee you will achieve plenty of Pure Michigan victories.

So if you ever see me running through Birmingham, pull me aside and let me know how your training is coming along and share with me your most personally challenging Michigan weather day.

Written by Michael Lutz, 2016 Fitness Ambassador