Tour Your Town

During this past spring break, like many Michiganders, I headed south for some warmer weather. I saw people out walking, riding bikes or playing games. I couldn’t help but think to myself, why don’t I vacation more at home? Spring is a perfect time to get out in Michigan. Everyone is ready to be outside- flowers are blooming and parks are full of activity. I’m fortunate enough to have a bike share system in Battle Creek that I can jump on at any time. So after returning home from break, I decided one lunch hour that I was going to take a mini vacation. I rented a bike and decided to ride around town. I learned that everything looks different from a bike seat. My normal route on the road passes a little slower and I can cut through the parks on our Linear Trail that gives a different perspective from the concrete roadways. I even discovered that what I thought was one big park was actually two with some unique artwork I have never seen from the road. Pedaling around with the cool breeze and sun shining was a wonderful way to enjoy my lunch hour and helped to reenergize for the second half of my day. So if you have a bike or a pair of walking shoes, I highly recommend taking some time to yourself and enjoying a mini vacation from your busy day.  You may realize what you could be missing out on in your own town.

Written by Angela Myers, 2016 Fitness Ambassador