Track Your Goals With New Tools!

A major health and wellness transformation is happening right now. It’s called the “quantified-self movement.” With modern technology, you can take control over your health and wellness goals, unlike ever before. Common goals include losing weight, cleaning up diets or exercising more. Seemingly impossible goals like this will be achieved more easily by documenting and tracking this information- via the right technology.

The idea of documenting and tracking goals is widely used by industry, governments and households. Benchmarking where you are right now with data and building up from a baseline makes sense for health and wellness as well. Without data, results are oftentimes not grounded in reality.

Over the years, athletes have used data to assess their performance trends to accomplish better results. Today, those same ideas have been diffused through technology into personal trackers. This has made tracking progress and observing results much easier. Take a look around and you will often see wearable devices being used for this purpose. These small devices can play a large role in reaching health and fitness goals.

Depending on the device, it can take into account individualized goals for food, exercise, sleep or more advanced elements of health and wellness. The data sets will then show trends to help you accomplish your goals. Some common devices are made by Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin. Each one has a range of available devices to fit any budget.

So, consider some wearable technology to help accomplish your goals!

Written by Shane Preston, 2016 Fitness Ambassador