Try eating seasonal foods for a boost

Seasonal foods can offer an extra boost towards your fitness goals. Without a doubt, they are healthier than foods shipped from all over the world. Many people are becoming aware that eating locally benefits the local economy and also is beneficial for your fitness goals. Check out your local farmer’s market for some great locally grown foods.

Many people also realize diet is key to attaining health, wellness and fitness goals but eating foods in season can offer other additional benefits.

There are so many benefits from eating locally beyond just convenience and the local economy. Some of those benefits are the better tasting food, reduced environmental costs and the monetary savings. 

First, and most obviously, is the aforementioned local economy. For every dollar spent locally on local farms, those same local farms will continue to produce good products.  There are farmers all over Michigan- even in urban areas to many people’s surprise. Secondly, the food simply tastes better. Without a doubt, locally grown foods are healthier and they taste fresher. Thirdly, the environmental and transportation costs from shipping food from thousands of miles away is avoided. Collectively, we share those environmental costs. And lastly, the savings. My experience with farmer’s markets has proved that buying locally grown fruits and vegetables is substantially cheaper than at a large grocery store.

So for all these reasons and more, consider some local food to give your health a boost!

Written by Shane Preston, 2016 Fitness Ambassador