We do only what we think we CAN do!

Growing up my Dad repeatedly told me, “can’t never did anything,” which bothered me as a teenager, but has stuck with me into adulthood. In my role now, I work to conquer the obstacles of community health. My focus is on youth and working to improve their health through environmental changes and some programming. The people I look to work with are the people who never use the word “can’t.” In the area of health, we hear “I can’t” or “it can’t be done” on a regular basis. So really I work on proving “we can.” I have to keep the larger picture in mind when it comes to healthy places children grow, while changing every mindset of “we can’t” to “we can.” We do that by taking small steps or showing examples of those who have done what needs to be done.

We have changed the environment of schools in many different ways- from adding exercise in the morning, encouraging kids to drink more water and eliminating sugary treats. This is done through the “we can” model of knowing that it is possible and by changing things together to get where we want to be. If you have everyone believing it’s possible, you will make a change and an impact.

For those of you doing similar work or looking at your own obstacles, I think it is important to self-reflect and really think about your mindset. What is your fallback response when something seems difficult to accomplish? If you go directly to “it can’t be done,” ask why. Why does it seem hard? When you start breaking down the why of the “can’t” you start to see the specific obstacles that can be solved and overcome. Once you address the “why,” the mindset of “can’t” will be resolved.

Because remember, “can’t never did anything.”

Written by Angela Myers, 2016 Fitness Ambassadors