What can we learn from acting like a kid again?

Last month I shared one of my recent adventures of being a kid and feeling free to sled and laugh. I started to wonder why we as adults don’t do that more often. As someone in charge of a school wellness program that reaches 22 schools in Calhoun County, I am an advocate for kids needing to be active and healthy. I want them to move, eat healthy and grow up in an environment that supports healthy behaviors. It is easy for many to understand why I do what I do when I look at the life-long impact of being healthy and eating properly on someone’s health. What I’ve learned is that not many people consider the impact we make on our soul through a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy is not only about being able to run a little faster, jump a little higher and weigh a little less. It’s about the smiles that emerge, the endorphins that are produced and the emotional control one has when they are in control of their body physically. When I first started working with the schools, I advocated for healthier children so that they would create healthier habits that would lead to healthier adults. My heart was in the right place and I was headed in the right direction, but I missed a key component. Now I talk about the behavioral changes we see once kids are eating properly and moving more. The ability that children have to pay closer attention and prepare their minds for learning is strengthened tremendously after they move. This is an enormous value to schools that want their students to be fully engaged in learning.

Are we adults that much different than these kids that need to get the wiggles out so they can pay attention to their history lesson? No-think about how you feel after you take a brisk walk or climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator. You may be a little winded, but your blood is flowing and you are a little more awake for the next task on your schedule. It is important not only for kids to get moving to lift their mood, but the same goes for the rest of us. So take some time today and do a little mental health treatment for yourself-take a walk, do a yoga pose, or just dance to your favorite song. Take some time and move so your mind is ready for the next task in your day.

Written by Angela Myers, 2016 Fitness Ambassador