What is at the End of Your Rainbow?

March makes me dream of Leprechauns, rainbows and the Pot of Gold at the end that we all want to find. If you were to capture a Leprechaun and could have three exercise wishes, what would they be? 

  1. 1. I would wish for a PR Boston Qualifying Time when I run my first marathon at the Bayshore Marathon this Spring. 
  2. 2. I would wish that I am able to continue to enjoy exercise throughout the rest of my life. 
  3. 3. And my last wish would be that I could inspire others to love exercise as much as I love it. 


Leprechauns are pretty difficult to catch, so I may need to just keep working on those wishes myself.

In order for you to be successful at a wish, you need to have a reason for your wish. My reason is that I love to exercise and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I am able to accomplish my wishes.  I have a very ambitious wish with my first marathon this spring, but hopefully I will be able to achieve it.  I should have no problem getting a PR (cause it's my first marathon).  My training plan will hopefully prepare me to get my Boston Qualifying Time. 

Being able to exercise throughout life is a key for all of us.  Find something that you can do and just stick with it.  You may only be able to sit and participate in cardio drumming but eventually you may be able to stand for the class.  Maybe you can only walk laps in the pool and then you can gain progress and start to swim from one end of the pool to the other.  Keep moving towards that Pot of Gold. 

Exercise really is a necessity for humans to survive.  When we exercise our body releases these awesome gold nuggets called endorphins and they make us feel good. So, let's all aim for getting some gold endorphin nuggets in March- whether it's just a 5 minute walk or working towards that Boston Qualifying Time.  Whatever it might be just keep moving towards that Pot of Gold. 

Anytime you have a wish, you need to have a plan and stick with it.  Work hard and put in the time needed and your pot of gold will be at the end of the road!

Written by Karla Palmer, 2016 Fitness Ambassador